Petite Terry loves to be totally naked and with a pert little figure like hers, you can understand why

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My bio

Welcome to my website !

I'm Terry from the Czech Republic.
Born on November 7th 1991, my tattoo shows my zodiac sign - Scorpio.
My real name is Tereza (like Teresa, written with a "z"), and I live in Eastern Bohemia, although I'm frequently in Czech's beautiful capital of Prague.

I love to be absolutely naked. With that I mean really 100% nude, from head to toe.  Not wearing a single piece of clothing, no "kinky stuff“, and with barefeet.
My boyfriend Dak also prefers me this way.
I’m proud of my body and want every inch of it fully exposed for everyone to see ;)
You will find here thousands of photos of me, and in nearly all of them I wear nothing other than my bare skin.

I am currently a student of economics.
Being a trained lifeguard, during summertime I often work in public baths as a bath attendant. During the wintertime I am an instructor/trainer in a fitness studio.
Sports are my main passion, especially inline skating, skiing, diving, and basketball. Unfortunately, with a height of 163 cm which is 5' 4", I am a bit short for the latter :-)
I love to travel, as you may see on many of my photos. Mountains, beaches, forests, lakes, ...
I would like to visit China and Japan soon. And many other countries too.

Having fun and dancing in clubs or bars is another favorite thing to do in my leisure time.  Recently, after finding my passion for showing off, it has become a habit for me to go out TOTALLY NAKED into bars and clubs !

Believe it or not - initially I was a very timid girl, totally shy concerning nudity. I even felt ashamed being naked in front of my own mom!
Later on I found it aroused me being seen when having sex.  Dak said "if you like sex in public, you MUST also like to show off.  It only makes sense."  
So he convinced me to give nude photography a try.  When Dak shot my first nude pics (you can see them here - "my very first nude photos"), I felt shy and a bit uncomfortable, but also aroused and thrilled.  Over time, I got really into it.
And now I even LOVE you to see me in my bare skin.

Initially, Dak proposed to submit our photos to amateur sites on the Internet.
That was a great idea!
When beginning to enjoy the fun of posing nude, I felt the desire to also try the “real modeling world” (as I thought it to be) and applied for a model agency.
That’s been a HUGE mistake.  I tried it out and got some jobs there, but I really did not like it, nor did I like what the producers wanted from me.
Then our first posts appeared on a famous amateur site, and ... Jesus, there were so many nice comments. It’s been such a success, that I decided to stop doing that modeling stuff and just focus on the fun side of life - showing off on amateur and voyeur sites. So, after a 2-month detour through the “pro” world of modeling - which I regard nowadays as one of my biggest mistakes - I returned back to my roots ...

I dream of opening up my own bar or even restaurant in the future.
It seems natural, I like to eat good food ... you can see that sometimes on my ass as well as my weight of 48 kg = 106 pounds :-)
Favorite foods of mine are Sushi, Salmon, and dumpling with cabbage and meat. I call that in my language "knedlozelovepro".
Oh ... my measurements are 88-60-90 cm = 35-24-36 inches

If you want to see videos of me, check them out here: