75 years young and a sex drive that no one man can handle. Grandmalibby is your favourite swinging granny that loves to fuck

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I get asked a lot of questions so I will try to give you answers to the must usual ones.....

Q - do you enjoy sex

A - definitely!  you will see that from my videos which all have natural sound

Q - what size are your boobs?

A - 42DD

Q - at your age can you still cum?

A - most definitely - sometimes multiple times and the older I get the more sensitive I have become

Q - do you like young men

A -  I like ALL men but of course young men usually have well toned muscular bodies which are good to look at. But older men compensate by having the experience to know what women like Smile

Q - what is your favourite position?

A - sort of missionary with my legs lifted. Or on top where I have control!

Q - do you enjoy women too?

A - of course I do!  there ar emany pictures and films of me with my girlfriends

Q - do you do gangbangs?

A - no, sorry!  I don't mind threesomes but I prefer quality over quantity