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TrishasDiary - Special Army Training Gallery Gallery


Special Army Training

Dear Diary, I was a member of an elite Special Army Unit on a training exercise, I had got lost and had to find the rest of our platoon, When I did I was In Trouble for lagging beh...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Gallery Gallery


Trisha the Maid

Dear Diary, I Got a Job as a Maid, but you know me, not too keen on work, so soon I was doing what I do best, stripping off and playing with myself before taking a piss in a bowl a...

TrishasDiary - Wet Tee Shirt Gallery Gallery


Wet Tee Shirt

Dear Diary, A few Pics from my Holiday in Barbados, I know you all love a Girl in a Wet Tee Shirt so what else could I do but get down on the beach and play in the surf and get my ...

TrishasDiary - Stripping in the Lounge Gallery Gallery


Stripping in the Lounge

Dear Diary, Heres a few more Pics from my Holiday in Barbados where I stayed with my Good Friend Grandma Libby, It was a hot afternoon and we had had a few drinks so what better wa...

TrishasDiary - Fun in the Sun Gallery Gallery


Fun in the Sun

Dear Diary, What Fantastic weather we are having, lets hope it lasts. So did I need an excuse to get out for a walk in the forest on Saturday afternoon, not a all and with not muc...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Tractor Fun Gallery Gallery


Trisha's Tractor Fun

Dear Diary, I was down in Dorset in the Middle of nowhere for a photoshoot when who should turn up out of the Blue but Bumpkin on his Tractor, well I soon Talked him into letting m...

TrishasDiary - On The Beach Gallery Gallery


On The Beach

Dear Diary, Yes you guessed it, More Pics from my Holiday in Barbados, after Playing under the Palms I changed and headed down to the Beach, but the sea was quite rough at that poi...

TrishasDiary - Under the Coconut Palms Gallery Gallery


Under the Coconut Palms

Dear Diary, Heres another set from my holiday in Barbados, I eventually managed to get down to Long Beach for a shoot and I had some Fun playing under the Coconut Palms..Trisha xx...

TrishasDiary - On The Patio Gallery Gallery


On The Patio

Dear Diary, Ive Just got back from two wild weeks in Barbados with Grandma Libby, staying at her Tropical Hideaway in the sun, well apart from the Sun, Sand Sea Sex we managed a f...

TrishasDiary - Forest Photoshoot 2 Gallery Gallery


Forest Photoshoot 2

Dear Diary, After the first of my Photographers had had his way with me it was time to play with the next guy, he started to finger my hot wet pussy before putting his camera down ...

TrishasDiary - Forest Photoshoot 1 Gallery Gallery


Forest Photoshoot 1

Dear Diary, I had gone into the Forest for a photoshoot with 2 Randy Photographers, on the forth shoot I was laying Naked on my blanket with my legs spread wide open, I beckoned to...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Pirate Gallery Gallery


Trisha the Pirate

Dear Diary, The Captains Job Didnt Quite Work out, and when half the crew mutinied what more could a girl do, than take charge of the rest of the Scurvy Scum of a Crew and go wild ...

TrishasDiary - Captain Trisha Gallery Gallery


Captain Trisha

Dear Diary, Promotion is fast in this mans Navy, last time you saw me I was just an Able Seaman, but was soon made up to Captain, So its time to set sail once again and I just love...

TrishasDiary - Blue Denim Skirt Gallery Gallery


Blue Denim Skirt

Dear Diary, What else could a girl wear on a Hot Bright Summers Day than the Shortest of All Denim Skirts, Nothing else required apart from a nice location by the lake and of cours...

TrishasDiary - Trisha on the Rocks Gallery Gallery


Trisha on the Rocks

Dear Diary, It Sounds a bit like a Cocktail, Trisha on the Rocks but no just me having fun on the Beach, It was a beautiful Summers Day and I couldnt Wait to Strip Off and Sunbath...

TrishasDiary - Hockey Team Tryout Gallery Gallery


Hockey Team Tryout

Dear Diary, its back to School and Im Captain of the Hockey Team, So when Kerry4Fun asked to join the team I just had to give her a chance and invited her to come for a Try-Out. It...

TrishasDiary - Able Seaman Trisha Gallery Gallery


Able Seaman Trisha

Dear Diary, Time to Weigh the Anchor and cast off me Bow lines and set sail, I had signed up as an able seaman on a River Boat and the Captn had let me loose in the wheelhouse not...

TrishasDiary - Be My Valentine Gallery Gallery


Be My Valentine

Dear Diary, Its Valentines Day and its a real pity all you Randy Site Members cant all be here with me today, as Im feeling so Horny, so what better excuse is there for a Hot Stea...

TrishasDiary - Manning The Machine Gun Gallery Gallery


Manning The Machine Gun

Dear Diary, Got Invited as a model to a Charity Photoshoot in aid of Help the Heroes heres the first set of Pics of me posing in a Retro Army Role Manning a WW2 Machine Gun, Well ...

TrishasDiary - Playing by the Open Fire Video Video


Playing by the Open Fire

Dear Diary, Heres a Really Hot Sensuous Movie featuring me with my good friend Claire, we often work together as a Duo when Escorting and are known as Mature Hunnies if you think ...

TrishasDiary - Private Photoshoot Part 2 Gallery Gallery


Private Photoshoot Part 2

Dear Diary, Heres Part 2 of my Private Photoshoot at a top London Hotel in Kensington, My Hot Young Stud gave me a Good Fucking while my Client Snapped away with His Camera, When I...

TrishasDiary - Private Photoshoot Part 3 - The Movie Video Video


Private Photoshoot Part 3 - The Movie

Dear Diary, Heres Part 3 of my Private Photoshoot at a top London Hotel in Kensington, My client had asked me to organise a Hot Young Stud to give me a Good Fucking while he Filmed...

TrishasDiary - Private Photoshoot Part 1 Gallery Gallery


Private Photoshoot Part 1

Dear Diary, My Continental Client Booked me for a 3 Hour Appointment at a top London Hotel in Kensington, He was most Specific with his Requirements, I needed a Hot Young Stud for ...

TrishasDiary - Dogging in the Pub Carpark Video Video


Dogging in the Pub Carpark

Dear Diary, It was a Cold November Night, and I was off up the Pub for a drink and to meet some friends, I had thought we all might go Dogging but most of them thought it would be ...