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TrishasDiary - In The Garden Gallery Gallery


In The Garden

Dear Diary, I was staying with some very good friends up in the North of England, And We all had had a very lively Saturday Night, so after my shower and before breakfast I decided...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Mine Gallery Gallery


Trisha's Mine

Dear Diary, Theres Gold in them there hills or so they told me so I headed west and staked my claim The mine workings were going well so I went to check things out and the thoug...

TrishasDiary - Playing in the Woods Gallery Gallery


Playing in the Woods

Dear Diary, I recently went to visit my good friend Chelsea, and yes we had a lot of fun and managed to squeeze in a few Photoshoots, not to mention some Hot Vids, so lets kick off...

TrishasDiary - Red Bikini Gallery Gallery


Red Bikini

Dear Diary, Another set from my holiday in Barbados, on the beach in my red bikini, not much else to say really, enjoy the pics.Trisha xxx ...

TrishasDiary - Fishnet Dress Gallery Gallery


Fishnet Dress

Dear Diary, Heres a few Pics of me in my Black Fishnet Dress, Chillin and enjoying the sun on the balcony of my friends apartment in BarbadosTrisha xxx ...

TrishasDiary - BMW Photoshoot Gallery Gallery


BMW Photoshoot

Dear Diary, I had gone for a spin in the country with some friends looking for a good location for a hot photoshoot, we pulled in by an entrance to some Private Woodland, ideal we ...

TrishasDiary - Red Dress & Shoes Gallery Gallery


Red Dress & Shoes

Dear Diary, I Bought this very skimpy little Red Dress and my Red Shoes completed the outfit, so what else could I do but jump on my bed for a hot photoshoot with what else but my ...

TrishasDiary - Fur Coat on The Bed Gallery Gallery


Fur Coat on The Bed

Dear Diary, I was booked for a photoshoot and the Theme was Fur Coats of which I have a Few Not Real Fur Though in this set I was wearing my Leopard Print Coat with Gold Leopard Pr...

TrishasDiary - I'm a Porn Star - Get Me Out Of Here Gallery Gallery


I'm a Porn Star - Get Me Out Of Here

Dear Diary, I Had been signed up for one of those reality TV Shows, bit like being in the Jungle with Ant Dec, but I was in the woods with just the Ants. I was left alone in the w...

TrishasDiary - Naked in the Woods Gallery Gallery


Naked in the Woods

Dear Diary, Im in the Woods again in only a pair of Shiny Leopard Print Knickers and Black Heels, and it wasnt long before they were off and I was Naked in the Woods.Trisha xxx...

TrishasDiary - Crowthorn Woods Gallery Gallery


Crowthorn Woods

Dear Diary, I had gone for a walk in Crowthorne Wood looking for a few locations for a hot Photoshoot, this will do said my Photographer, a small Green Patch where 3 main tracks me...

TrishasDiary - The Colour Purple Gallery Gallery


The Colour Purple

Dear Diary, I just Love the Colour Purple, so what more of an excuse did I need to dig out my Purple Hot Pants, Sequined Top, Hold-ups And Shoes, oh and of course my Purple Thai Be...

TrishasDiary - Green Bikini Gallery Gallery


Green Bikini

Dear Diary, Here I am again playing on The Beach in Barbados, Im Wearing my Green Bikini, but its not long before I have stripped off completely and Im running naked along the beac...

TrishasDiary - In The Sea Gallery Gallery


In The Sea

Dear Diary, Another Glorious Day on the Island of Barbados, so what else could I do but head for Long Beach which is usually nice and quiet and play in the sea, and of course it wa...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Workout - Part Two Gallery Gallery


Trisha's Workout - Part Two

Dear Diary, Mr Activator my Fitness Instructor was giving me my daily workout, and he wasted no time in showing me the many uses for the multi-gym equipment, first bending me over ...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Workout - Part One Gallery Gallery


Trisha's Workout - Part One

Dear Diary, It was time for my Daily Workout and I was ready for it, if you know what I mean, My Fitness Instructor, Mr Activator was putting me through my paces on the rowing mach...

TrishasDiary - Stripping in a Rape Field Gallery Gallery


Stripping in a Rape Field

Dear Diary, What a Really Gorgeous Easter Weekend we had, and I certainly didnt need an excuse to get out and about in the Countryside and nothing better than a field of Rape in fu...

TrishasDiary - Stripping by the A34 Gallery Gallery


Stripping by the A34

Dear Diary, We had gone for a drive to look out for a good location for a photoshoot, we found an ideal spot, just off the busy A34, We didnt waste any time as the weather looked o...

TrishasDiary - Skool Girl Trisha 2 Gallery Gallery


Skool Girl Trisha 2

Dear Diary, The Headmaster had asked if he could take some photographs for the Skool Yearbook, 2 senior boys had turned up and things started to get Hot, but Im not the sort of gir...

TrishasDiary - Skool Girl Trisha Gallery Gallery


Skool Girl Trisha

Dear Diary, heres a flashback to my schooldays, Do you think I Look Cute in my uniform The Headmaster thought I looked very smart indeed and asked me to come to his room so he c...

TrishasDiary - Randy Rita Gallery Gallery


Randy Rita

Dear Diary, I had gone to Lymington for a Photoshoot with two Hot Horny Photographers, the guys had asked me to dress all in Red, So how could I refuse, They decided to call me Ra...

TrishasDiary - Special ArmyTraining 2 Gallery Gallery


Special ArmyTraining 2

Dear Diary, I was on a training exercise, with my Special Army Unit and we were all set for a days Jungle Training the weather was hot and the forest was just like steamy tropical ...

TrishasDiary - Special Army Training Gallery Gallery


Special Army Training

Dear Diary, I was a member of an elite Special Army Unit on a training exercise, I had got lost and had to find the rest of our platoon, When I did I was In Trouble for lagging beh...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Gallery Gallery


Trisha the Maid

Dear Diary, I Got a Job as a Maid, but you know me, not too keen on work, so soon I was doing what I do best, stripping off and playing with myself before taking a piss in a bowl a...