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NudeChrissy - Fucked By Two Men HD Video Video


Fucked By Two Men

Chris was invited to a party. Throughout the evening she gets very horny. The cunt was itching. When there was an opportunity, she took two guys with into a room and let her being ...

NudeChrissy - Hot Girls In The Pool HD Video Video


Hot Girls In The Pool

My girl-friend Yvi and I had a nice day in my nude-pool. Me need no swim-suites there. I had my underwater-cam with me, so You can see our wet pussies under the water...

NudeChrissy - In The Mens Shower HD Video Video


In The Mens Shower

Chris is wrong after sports in the shower. She is suddenly in the mens shower. That doesn65533t bother her. The first man who comes into the shower is surprised at first. Then he f...

NudeChrissy - The Industrial Museum Gallery Gallery


The Industrial Museum

In summer times I often do trips to special places nearby my home. One day I was in an industrial museum. Here I could see the big steal factories. Of course I could take some sexy...

NudeChrissy - Nude Smoking On The Beach HD Video Video


Nude Smoking On The Beach

normally I do not smoke , but on this beautiful evening and the great sunset I sat naked on the beach and smoked a cigarillo...

NudeChrissy - The Nurses Erectile Problem HD Video Video


The Nurses Erectile Problem

The man comes with erectile problem to the hot nurses . they show full physical exertion to help the man . Finally, his cock is standing like a one...

NudeChrissy - Cabrio Tour HD Video Video


Cabrio Tour

When the weather is fine I take my cabrio out of the garage and start for a daytrip. I love to drive sexy, so I show my pussy and boobs, so the sun can kiss my nipples. ...

NudeChrissy - Nude House Work Gallery Gallery


Nude House Work

Of course I have to do my own housework. Normally I am always nude at home, but today I am wearing an apron......

NudeChrissy - Fucking The Maid HD Video Video


Fucking The Maid

Chris worked as sexy maid in a little hotel. She learned that her outfit must be sexy, so she gets a better tip. She has to clean room number 3 now. She knocked at the door, but th...

NudeChrissy - The Sex Instructor Pt2 HD Video Video


The Sex Instructor Pt2

These two men never before in their live had sex with a woman. For this reason, they have booked a course at Chris. Chris is the sex-instructor. In second hour lessons they learn h...

NudeChrissy - The Sex Instructor Pt1 HD Video Video


The Sex Instructor Pt1

These two men never before in their live had sex with a woman. For this reason, they have booked a course with Chris. Chris is the sex-instructor. In the first hour lessons they le...

NudeChrissy - Using The Break For A Fuck HD Video Video


Using The Break For A Fuck

Chris supports her team during the soccer match. Her friend supports another team. During the bream they have sex. When the bream is over they continued watching TV...

NudeChrissy - Naked Sports Gallery Gallery


Naked Sports

I love to do sports in the gym. I asked my trainer whether I can do it nude...

NudeChrissy - Casting HD Video Video



Chris is looking for a nice boy to do some new hardcore-videos. There are some candidates who want to join. Chris decides to do a casting. Every candidate should have the possibili...

NudeChrissy - Blowing Two Black Cocks HD Video Video


Blowing Two Black Cocks

Chris is reading a book when two men come in. Chris sits with legs apart as ever. When the men saw her naked cunt, they did not hesitate long time , they started to touch and lick ...

NudeChrissy - Blowjob In The Gym HD Video Video


Blowjob In The Gym

My girl-friend Melissa and I booked a training-lesson with a trainer in the gym. He was wondering about our sexy outfits at first. He asked us to wear normal traing-clothes. But th...

NudeChrissy - The Nude Maid HD Video Video


The Nude Maid

A fan of me asked me to clean his house nude for money. No problem for me. I put an apron on and I should wear my boots....nothing else. My fan watched me, doing the housework and ...

NudeChrissy - Pornocasting HD Video Video



Melissa and I are testing interested guy for becoming porn-actors. We are testing different disciplines and after the test, they get a diplom. At first we see wether the cock gets ...

NudeChrissy - Outdoor Fuck In Front Of The Garage HD Video Video


Outdoor Fuck In Front Of The Garage

Chris is waiting for a friend who has invited her to dinner. She is waiting in front of the garage of her apartment. The two guys saw Chris and talked to her.Chris thought fucking ...

NudeChrissy - Dildo Gallery HD Video Video


Dildo Gallery

When no man is available, Chris has to take a dildo. She loves her dildos and has built up an entire gallery next to him. She likes to presents her dildos and shows us how she does...

NudeChrissy - Nude Housework Gallery Gallery


Nude Housework

Today I would like to show You, how I do my housework every day. You know, I am a nudist-girl. My favourite outfit is to be completly nude. Come on and visit me in my house. Watch ...

NudeChrissy - Bukake HD Video Video



Three girls and a lot of men. Chris never did a bukkake before. The girls had to lay down in the middle, playin with themselves, the men rubbed their cocks until they splash their ...

NudeChrissy - On The Stairs To Heaven Gallery Gallery


On The Stairs To Heaven

I took some new photos for You on these stairs. I was completely nude under my coat...

NudeChrissy - The Voyeur HD Video Video


The Voyeur

At home Im always naked. In the evening I can then relax in my living room. A few days back was a voyeur in my garden. Hey what standing behind my house and watched me. He Has a vi...