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NudeChrissy - The Nude Maid HD Video Video


The Nude Maid

A fan of me asked me to clean his house nude for money. No problem for me. I put an apron on and I should wear my boots....nothing else. My fan watched me, doing the housework and ...

NudeChrissy - Pornocasting HD Video Video



Melissa and I are testing interested guy for becoming porn-actors. We are testing different disciplines and after the test, they get a diplom. At first we see wether the cock gets ...

NudeChrissy - Outdoor Fuck In Front Of The Garage HD Video Video


Outdoor Fuck In Front Of The Garage

Chris is waiting for a friend who has invited her to dinner. She is waiting in front of the garage of her apartment. The two guys saw Chris and talked to her.Chris thought fucking ...

NudeChrissy - Dildo Gallery HD Video Video


Dildo Gallery

When no man is available, Chris has to take a dildo. She loves her dildos and has built up an entire gallery next to him. She likes to presents her dildos and shows us how she does...

NudeChrissy - Nude Housework Gallery Gallery


Nude Housework

Today I would like to show You, how I do my housework every day. You know, I am a nudist-girl. My favourite outfit is to be completly nude. Come on and visit me in my house. Watch ...

NudeChrissy - Bukake HD Video Video



Three girls and a lot of men. Chris never did a bukkake before. The girls had to lay down in the middle, playin with themselves, the men rubbed their cocks until they splash their ...

NudeChrissy - On The Stairs To Heaven Gallery Gallery


On The Stairs To Heaven

I took some new photos for You on these stairs. I was completely nude under my coat...

NudeChrissy - The Voyeur HD Video Video


The Voyeur

At home Im always naked. In the evening I can then relax in my living room. A few days back was a voyeur in my garden. Hey what standing behind my house and watched me. He Has a vi...

NudeChrissy - Massage Salon HD Video Video


Massage Salon

Chris and her girl-friend Melissa are in the massage-studio. They are getting a massage. But the scene turns into a sex-scene. The man who should give the massage gets a blowjob....

NudeChrissy - Another Trip On My Motor Bike Gallery Gallery


Another Trip On My Motor Bike

I like to do trips with my scooter, when the weather is fine

NudeChrissy - Pissing In Zakynthos HD Video Video


Pissing In Zakynthos

Since I never wear underwear I can pee whenever I want it. I just have to let it run....

NudeChrissy - Chrissy In Her Office HD Video Video


Chrissy In Her Office

Chris works in a small office . Her boss demands that Chris always wearing short skirts and no underwear, so he can touch her nakes ass whenever he wants. But today the boss is not...

NudeChrissy - Fucking A Soldier Pt1 HD Video Video


Fucking A Soldier Pt1

Chris has previously never fucked a soldier . But this great guy with his big cock had to play now . Just in the office , he should put his big penis into her wet cunt.....

NudeChrissy - Playing With My Girlfriend By The Pool Video Video


Playing With My Girlfriend By The Pool

Chris and her girlfriend Yvi ar lying naked by the pool and play with eachother . They stuck their fingers in both pussies and spoils their clits......

NudeChrissy - Boat Trip Gallery Gallery


Boat Trip

During my naturist holidays in Zakynthos I spent a day on a boat to explore the island . I have put my Bikini into the beach bag , I did not need it all day long ...

NudeChrissy - Jeep Trip Gran Canaria Gallery Gallery


Jeep Trip Gran Canaria

During each of my holidays I always rent a car. This time I rented a jeep to discover the island of GranCanaria. I did it topless and bottom-less, only wearing a short shirt. When ...

NudeChrissy - During my trip on the boat I was naked a HD Video Video


During my trip on the boat I was naked a

During my trip on the boat I was naked all day. The hot sun and the sea made me totally horny. I went into a bay and pushed the dildo deep into my vagina ......

NudeChrissy - My First Nude Gym Workout  HD Video Video


My First Nude Gym Workout

I decided to do some more sports. I asked a trainer to give me some advices during my training. But when I started my training in the gym my trainer didn65533t like my outfit. He s...

NudeChrissy - Sports Jizz HD Video Video


Sports Jizz

This was the result of my first nude trainer-lesson. He sprays his sperm all over my body.......

NudeChrissy - Dionysos Beach Gallery Gallery


Dionysos Beach

Dionysos Place - on Dafni Beach - Ive found this great place with the Greeks Dionysos . He is an older greek man. He asks all guests to be naked at his place. I spent many days th...

NudeChrissy - Maspalomas Gallery Gallery



In march 2016 I did a trip to Maspalomas Gran Canaria. It was a nudist-holiday. I went to the beach every day and I could do that completly naked. This was a great feeling. In the...

NudeChrissy - Sex At The Building Site HD Video Video


Sex At The Building Site

Chris is working on that building site. She and her boss has to repair the electricity of this old building. But the temperature is very high. Chris has already take off her shirt....

NudeChrissy - Nudist Resort Gallery Gallery


Nudist Resort

I spent my holidays on eastern in South france. The weather was not fine. I had to use every moment, the sun was shining, to put my boobs into the sun. I hope You enjoy my gallery....

NudeChrissy - Dancing in a club Gallery Gallery


Dancing in a club

I visited a small club not far away from my home. Those two boys asked me to dance for them. You know I have no problem with that. I also had no problem to take this small bikini o...